His love wasn’t false, it was just ephemeral..
there was no noise, just a silent quarrel…
Why would cupid ever turn partial???
It made no sense !
But still he did, detaining her love in fence..
She trusted him blindly,
and he proved her a blind..
Even the love coaxed him,
but he had made up his mind..

She puts no blame, on him for that happened
as she still believes that his heart isn’t ripened…
They say it was just her foretaste,
But she waited… thinking, his decision was in haste…

Amongst the romantic talks of her friends,
she feels like a cuss..
Her eyes cry no more,
but yes her heart does…
Now, she spends more time weeping under the blankets,
than in her phone, smiling at his texts..

She loved him alot,
and he broke her apart
because she owned no place,
in his feelingless heart..
She still loves him with every broken piece,
but she knows he won’t turn till she rests in peace… :’)



One Comment Add yours

  1. Amla says:

    Pretty those lines at the last did there work.
    Well done .
    Keep this flow of word spell on.


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