The Unhealed Wounds !

Sparkling eyes those once have been..
Now have completely lost their sheen*..
A girl who was thrown away as naught*,
once used to be his queen..

For years, she mourned..
Remembering him, she groaned..
He didn’t listen, he didn’t care,
But losing him was something she couldn’t bear..

Her voice no more thrums..
Now nobody hears those continous hums..
That lively soul has now been jaded*
And the beautiful smile has faded..

Those memories are unable to furnace..
Nowhere, after him, she could find solace*..
He’s gone.. leaving her soul bare..
What dreamt then together is now a nightmare..

She now defines love as a rue*..
For one.. it’s hardest to construe*..
In the pool of tears, every night she drowned..
As her prince is now gone in whose reign she once crowned.. :’)




sheen- lustre, brightness
naught- nothing but a worthless fool
mourned- feel  sadness about the loss or disappearance of someone/something
groaned- a deep sound conveying pain
furnace- to bury (kind of)
solace- comfort/peace in distress
jaded- Exhausted
rue-grief, sorrow
construe- to understand




2 Comments Add yours

  1. trn94 says:

    It rhymes beautifully


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