Fear my silence, not words..

Words are my love. I live for them. My words are honest.
But I hate silence. I hate the words that are left unsaid. The unattended and neglected feelings hurt.

Don’t worry when I yell at you. Don’t worry when I knock on your door in the middle of the night because I’m hurt. Don’t worry when I cry at night because of something you said. Don’t worry if I scold or throw tantrums at you.They’re all tokens of love. They’re all just for your attention and they’re all exhibit of how much I love you.

But worry when I no longer fight with you, worry when I stop knocking on your door and worry when I stop crying, when I stop talking and when my messages become one word answers.
Because this means your flames have now turned cold that once used to burn me passionately. You no longer are worth my anger.

My silence is more dangerous than my words. My silence can destroy far more than my words ever will.

My silence means you’re no longer the one who’s occupying my thoughts and you’re no longer worth the noise.

My silence means I don’t care or you don’t deserve my words. I’m giving up on you.

So don’t fear my burning arguments. They are just one of the ways  I try to show you who I am. Appreciate them.They’re all the ways I want to stay, they’re all the ways I try to fight with you because I want to fight for you.

But fear the day it all stops.
Fear the day when everything goes quiet.
Fear the night you hurt me and I smile.
Fear the night you annoy me and I don’t respond.

Because it means I’m ready to go, to leave and it means I’m ready to disappear… 


One Comment Add yours

  1. Abhay Adil says:

    Awesome prose I actually felt that it is written from my prospective; it echo what I am feeling for quite sometime.


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